Friday, 15 February 2019

Coffins & Tricolour!

Somewhere we were enjoying our routines, somewhere we were celebrating Valentines Day expressing ourselves to our Loved ones. 

And than a Soldier in Pulwama was giving his Life, for whom, for what? 

And answers are pretty clear, FOR US.

I have seen people flooding of Social Media with the Posts, paying tributes to Martyrs, showing their anger, asking for justice, abusing the group who did this. But there is lot more to think about this attack, 

  • What difference would it make to Indian Government, the one in power and the one who is fighting for? 
  • Would they drop in this years Elections for this sacrifice of Soldiers? 
  • Will they stop Fighting over being in Power for this Sacrifice? 

There is an Common Answer to all the questions and that is NO, a big NO

350 KGS or 60 KGS what ever the amount of RDX was used in this terror attack, the question is what is the security in the nation? How can any one just walk around in countries most critical state, with the most dangerous thing without getting noticed, and directly attacking. 

Doesn't any questions arise in mind? 
Are Terrorist groups so generous, that they do the attacks and also accept it, wonderful! 

There is lot to think over this India, open your eyes, elections are around, and so the game of being in power and winning the power is on!

Note: With this article, i am not trying to blame anybody or hurt anybodies religious or political sentiments, India is an Democratic country, and we have power of speech, (if nothing else) and these are my individual thoughts not influenced by any action or person. 

Signing Off, Think with your own thoughts. 

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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Women- An Individual Identity

Logging in the site i realized, i have not written anything over this blog in entire 2016!. Surprised i was how did i got lost for entire 1.5 years, but don't women's usually get invisible in daily lives as well? 

A big question to the Humanity, the one who  #creates,  #nourishes #buildup #cares we often forget her. We often forget what #women's do, and we start indulging it as it is their duty to do that. It pinches a bit, but than we women's are not ordinary Right? so it takes time for people to understand what we are, and biggest achievement for ourselves is that half of the earth doesn't even know how to understand us. This makes me more proud. 

This Women's Day i want to give a message, which i too got from some where and felt it is so true. 
Women is always calculated and Congratulated as Secret behind Men's Success, please stop doing that, rather congratulate us for our own Success, for the heights we achieve.

Do not praise us for our beauty, instead make every woman in the universe understand that it is not important to be "Beautiful", We are not an costume or a home furniture, who has to be Beautiful. 

Rather than labeling as a "Mother", "Daughter", "Wife", "Sister", see us as an "Individual". 

Don't makes us feel #Superhumans, we are very much ok to lead an normal life, give us space to grow ourselves, do not over burden us with loads of emotional dramas and heavy chores, and then name it as "Multi-Tasking", make us free to live and cherish our independence, let us live an individual relationship rather than these Mellow Dramas. 

The day we  "Women's are out of these grudges to ourselves, that day would be an actual  "Women's Day"

Thanks god, for making me #Woman and thanks Ma, for being a beautiful women and making me one. 

Monday, 20 July 2015

A Sex Worker!!

How much do you charge for one night?? How many people do you sleep with in a day?? "Aaj to tu meri rani hai", "A nakhre mat kar, chup chap andar ja customer hai",

Daily wearing makeup, daily wearing fake smile, daily wearing clothes knowing soon they will be off their body, is the toughest thing ever, imagining this i get a string pass in my body think the one who faces it, think of the mind set they might be, think when their girl child is seen with the same thought of dragging in to prostitution. We try hard to sell things to earn our living, they sell themselves to earn the same. The selling is of their Mind, their Body, their Respect, their Soul, the selling is of "WOMENISM".

I as an Women, really feel that pain only with a thought, i get angry when an eve teaser just passes of the comment, i cant stand the comment, and a Sex Worker is asked this as an question, to which she has to answer. Just to make her family live satisfactory, just to educate her child, just to survive, to eat, to drink, she has to take all this. And we damn white collar jobbed people think we work hard, we are the one who take all the non sense from our colleagues and bosses, we think we struggle in our lives, but fact is we do NOTHING, we live a easy life, a respectful life still we always have complaints.

The lady you just called prostitute is daily selling herself just to eat proper food  2 times a day, always think before commenting, you have never walked her shoes, you have been never assaulted like she is been daily, you have never faced that wild touch of Man, which not only kills your virginity, but also kills your soul forever.

Requesting to all through this one blog, see them with respect, they are also human beings, they are also one of us, nobody happily does this business, but they are forced to for their children's and family, next time you think to criticize them, think what criticism they pass through daily. They do this to earn their living, and we have no right to comment on what they do, if we cannot help them coming out of the same, or have power to give better life to their family.


Signing off..

Monday, 16 March 2015

The New Me...

Lost, Frustrated, irritated, and Angry on own was me few days back. Every time it happens with us when things don't go as per our wishes, We usually drown ourselves thinking what has gone wrong and splly why it has gone wrong? Questions make us more weak instead of getting us out of chaos.
All these situations are like more you try to get out of MUD the deeper you get resolute in that, and there comes the ray of hope when  somebody picks you up giving there HAND..

This Women's day i came out of that MUD, the lost me is now NEW ME, and trust me DGM this would not have been possible without you even 1%. You have been my Mentor, a Friend, Philosopher, Guide. A person who had shown me the new way, has given me the power to Stand Up all again, A BIG THANK YOU to you for this.

You have always supported me, and i would always need this HAND to support me.
Your words give me new energy,
Your actions give me new power
Your untold support makes me stand through strom
Just Remember nobody can ever REPLACE you, no matter what comes in, You are You.

Thank you for being there, i would always need you.

Signing off.. 

Thursday, 8 May 2014

My Journey Part 2

Time has power to change the things.. Have experienced it very closely and your patience always rewards you.

Remembering my professional journey so far i feel great with all the kith's n kins faced in those times, being an part of a traditional family and + an business family it was tough to convince them for  going out and working, and exploring the whole new world.

All thanks to my bro and my Mum who supported me very strongly in this part, and the credit purely and purely goes to them only.

I started working with an Recruitment Consultancy.. after completing my PG, and in my internship i was said that i am one of the best trainees, they have ever got, of course the mentors where wonderful, learnt a lot from them and always thankful to them .

That consultancy fired me after 10 Months stating i am an non performer, then what ever the reason may be.. but i loosed my job, hopes shattered din know what to do next, an offer from an friend came he was putting up his recruitment firm, i joined him for a time being but again, he even failed to grow that up, and mine was another failure with that.

There an stone turned for me, i got an offer from an IT company as HR executive, where i spent almost 2 years, but trust me those 2 years where the best of my life, i learnt to be self dependent there, i learnt to grow, i recognised myself over there this is what i can say, all thanks again to the CEO there who taught me things patiently, co-operated with me on every step, made me realised what  i can do and what i have yet to learn.. Most importantly he appreciated on good things always, never missed that. Thank you KP for all your support. Some where i still think that leaving that organisation was one of the mistakes i did in my professional attire.
But again moving on is the maths of life, i have accepted that,

Moved to an organisation with higher roles and responsibilities, learnt still more there, learnt how to be in an leader ship role, how to use your brains in business, took at as my org and moved on spent 1 n half years over there, the best ever team to work which i got there, but unfortunately gelling up with management was lill difficult, all efforts went unrecognised and in vain, still a good experience and lesson.

Now, finally i am some where,  where i am working truly as my own company, people supporting you, make you learn things patiently, giving you power to make your own decisions, bringing you higher n higher from where you are, the best part here is appreciation, they motivate you with appreciation, an employee is never interested in materialistic things but one line of appreciation is much more of motivation then anything else.

Not so good in words this time, i know but this is what i have briefly done on professional part,

Signing Off...

Friday, 11 April 2014

My Journey...

These days i often wonder of past and think what i was and what i am now, i some times laugh sitting alone, seeing the pictures and wondering how things change with the time, and how i have changed in due course.

Your Pocket money turns in to salary, your bicycles change in to 2 wheelers and four wheelers, Piggy Banks turn in to Bank Accounts, Cash turns in to Credit cards, trying to mention every possible thing changed in my life, A small Shelf in an common cupboard changed in to an huge room.

Fighting with siblings over the TV channels was an awesome do at that time, today we have separate TV's but we don't have that fun and preferably time to watch tv, Used to fight over Air conditioners, always in an hurry to take the seat where it blowed maximum Air, Now it doesn't gives so much fun,
Still we enjoy what we have..

When today i look at myself, i feel more surprised then on changing things, A school girl who never came out of her basic dress code of salawar kameez, it was only from home to school, and school to home, kept the college life same as well, ya lill roaming was increased but again same, coping up daily with the same traditional values of family..

The boring School girl has turned in to an hard core HR professional, with the right sense of style, right sense of dressing, behaving talking, everything is transformed, have came out of traditional thinking, huuuu i can't stop wondering even  when i am writing this. :)

There was an time i used to plead my dad to get me an cell phone, and now its an time, i can keep dozens of them together, but one is tough to handle,

Seeing my Journey i just say WOW.... its been amazing for me, and an best example and motivation for myself, that yes things change it is you who have to be patient and who have to be accurate in getting those things change... I love it all the way..

Will share my professional journey in my next blog..

Signing off...

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Happy Women's Day!!!!!

Thanking to all the messages i got today through different sources, and all the wishes i got, sat with a thought what i need.

I want respect, i want safety, i want trust... Safety the word has lost its meaning in every women's life.
Every time i question myself why am i not safe, i only get one answer, because you are an women.
If this is the scenario in my every birth i would love to be women and fight with the world for the rights and justice.

Being safe, i understand how can i be safe, i am so precious, i am so beautiful, i am so unique, i am the creator of new life, i am the creator of man, how can a man made world, value me, being envy is natural.
But i am happy,  that i am still standing and will always stand and fight for my rights, fight for the justice.

This "I"has got the many powers, because I is Womenism...

Thanks MA for bringing me in this world, and for being such an awesome women n mother.

Proud to be Women.. Happy Women's Day...

Signing off...